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Azul Staging

Azul Staging does luxury home staging in Los Angeles with a bold and unique sense of style.

We are experts at re-inventing spaces though combining textures, colors and materials that deliver a “WOW” effect.

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We are eco-friendly and eco-minded as our fusion-staging combines the artful mix of furniture and décor styles, with the proper balancing of the elements: wind, earth, water, and fire.

Our exclusive, artisanal & luxurious furniture line incorporates old-world charm with modern luxury – reusing naturally fallen trees & using local artisans to craft one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

As a new company, we have begun to redefine what luxury home staging in Los Angeles means with curated & custom pieces, & a luxurious, fusion design aesthetic from Milan & Madrid-trained Chief Designer Janet V.L.

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“Fusion-staging is the art of combining elements in unexpected ways”

Janet V.L.

Luxury Home Staging


Modern Home Staging

Design that focuses on minimalism, neutral colors, clean lines & eco-friendly materials.

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Azul Staging

Blend of traditional & modern styles, midway between old world traditional & contemporary.

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Traditional Home Staging

Design style offering a combination of comfortable furniture, classic designs & casual décor.

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Janet V.L. - Owner & Chief Designer

Janet began her design career in the fashion industry learning from top designers in Milan and Madrid. Her signature style is the unorthodox combination of textures and materials which led her to a successful fashion career and the current operation of 14 retail stores dedicated to her bold designs.

Since joining the staging industry, Janet has applied her signature style to space design delivering the same “wow” factor she successfully achieved in fashion. Janet is an artist and her vision and projects go beyond ordinary solutions. If she does not find the perfect piece for a room, she designs it. Janet’s exclusive furniture line where wood materials are unexpectedly combined with metals, glass or concrete are currently featured across her multiple staging projects.

Unorthodox color and material fusions, that’s what makes her staging style unique, unduplicated and exclusive.

Azul Staging